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Friday, May 29, 2009

Map of Aquaponics installations from around the world

Want to find Aquaponics Systems that are in your area? Then see the Google map of Aquaponics installations from around the world.

We are attempting to create an easy to use map that shows all the backyard Aquaponic systems (and the people that run them!) from around the world. This will allow you to easily find other Aquaponics enthusiasts to get in touch with and learn from.

So even if you are thinking of starting an Aquaponics system - add your details. You never know, there may be someone just around the corner who is thinking of starting as well!

This map also has the potential to list Aquaponic open days - when owners allow the public to come and have a look at their systems and have a chat about Aquaponics.

Any ideas or feedback you may have on the Aquaponics Google map - please let us know!

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