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Monday, June 15, 2009

Aquaponics Map - now with its own URL!

The Aquaponics Map has been re-vamped and now has its own URL at

The new website allows you to immediately add your Aquaponics System to the site.

This is stage 1 of the site and I am looking at various improvements that can be made to it. So if you have any feedback, please let me know.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fishtank Aquaponics

Fishtank Aquaponics - The "Floating Garden" design by Benjamin Graindorge

The ability to grow vegies and herbs along with automagically clean the water in your fishtank is definitely going to become more popular in the future. Indoor aquaponics is going to very popular - especially amongst those in small apartments who don't have the space for an outdoor system. This aquarium concept by Benjamin Graindorge at Duende Studio shows how simple and sleek it could be.

This system uses gravel-bed filtration, using a 5cm layer of river sand that traps fish wastes and allows good bacteria to grow. The bacteria then performs the conversion of the ammonia to nitrite then to nitrate. The plants use the nitrate then the clean water returns to the tank.

At the moment this design can only work with water based plants - but I am sure that a flood and drain or auto siphon system could easily be adapted that would allow for herbs and other plants to grow in it as well.

I believe that an aquarium system setup in this way could become a much more "stable" environment for fish then a traditional fishtank that requires all sorts of bio-filters, filtration and chemicals to stabilise it.

According to the site, they will be producing a prototype now and plan to have them available in 2010 in both plastic and ceramic versions.